Design - Software - Production:


We do following activities, which are projected and 3D computer-aided designs are made by our designers and software engineers with our CNC and conventional workbenches;


Production of industrial manipulators with a carrying capacity of between 10-1000 kg, ⇒ Industrial Manüpulators PDF Catalog


Production of industrial training simulators, magnetic training panels and DoJo area training stations,


Software and applications of VR-Virtual Reality based training simulations,


Production of flowrock systems, ⇒ Flowrack PDF Catalog


Production of all kinds of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic valve blocks and hydraulic power units,


Production of special machines, complete production lines, automation systems, tightness test systems, life test systems, conveyors, assembly presses, deep drawing presses and rubber presses,


All kinds of spare parts that can be produced by machining.